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4 min read Published November 28, 2022

Authored by David McMillin Written by the writer who contributed to the writing

David McMillin is a contributing writer for Bankrate and covers topics like credit cards, mortgages, banking, taxes and travel. David’s goal is to help readers figure out how to save more and stress less.

Edited by Rhys Subitch Edited by Auto loans editor

Rhys has been writing and editing for Bankrate since the end of 2021. They are passionate about helping readers feel confident to control their finances with precise, well-studied information that break down complex subjects into digestible chunks.

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Car buying can be a daunting process , particularly when you don’t wish to to bargain for a better deal or other features. A showed that more than half of the population feels at ease when visiting a dealership. Instead of facing that anxiety and fear, you can experience the ease of no-haggling car purchasing. 5 ways to purchase an automobile without haggling have plenty of choices for purchasing a car that isn’t haggling. Keep in mind that if the impression that you’re being offered a fair deal then you should do away with haggling and accept the price offered by the dealer. 1. Buy it online If you don’t want to speak with a person while purchasing a vehicle the internet has the answer. Check out a no-haggle buying site, like or , or use a . These sites operate on a what-you-see-is-what-you’ll-pay model. It is also possible to get a trade-in estimate without talking to anyone. If you happen to find an automobile you like, someone will likely bring it to your residence. If you do, make sure to read the conditions. Since you aren’t taking the car for a test drive, it’s crucial to know if there are regrets. There are some potential drawbacks. are many perks to the purchase, you must remember that this is a major purchase you’re making that’s not seen. Also, be on the lookout for additional charges for buying in this manner, like an delivery fee or a destination fee for the car to get to you. 2. Go to a no-haggle lot While it is possible to consider all car dealerships to be the typical back-and-forth bargaining Some dealers offer no-haggle prices. Enterprise, for example offers used vehicles use the no-haggle pricing model. AutoNation is a retailer with more than 300 stores across eight states also an option if you’re buying an used vehicle. It offers a fixed, no-haggle pricing model. will still be in the market at these lots So, be sure to know what you can and cannot live without. There are some potential drawbacks to consider: You could still be paying more than sticker price for one of these lots, especially when fees are included. While some fees aren’t, you’ll be in the dark if don’t negotiate. 3. Join a club programs that allow you to receive a discount without having to ask for it. If you’re an active member of AAA the auto Buying service provides members-only prices. Costco also has prearranged pricing for members. The discount can be seen onlineand sometimes limited-time incentives can assist you in saving money without having to bargain with anyone. There are other membership options that can assist in buying a car and addressing other financial needs. Credit unions are a good choice and provide car-buying services with bonus cash rewards for members, and upfront, no-haggle pricing. Potential drawbacks: When you make a purchase through a credit union, you’ll need to trust the price given is fair. « Exclusive » deals might be worth the time, so make sure you compare before committing to one of these clubs to make one transaction. 4. A car broker can be hired as another way to avoid haggling in the purchase of the car you want: let someone else negotiate the car broker negotiate on your behalf. Car brokers, also known as car concierges are companies that search for and negotiation for you. You provide them with your budget and let them know what you’re looking for , and they come back to you with various options. They could also assist you in negotiating a for your existing vehicle. You’ll have to pay the broker fees to use their services, but that expense — likely around a few hundred dollarscould pay for itself by saving time and money. Potential drawbacks simply put, an auto broker isn’t the person you are, therefore you must communicate your expectations in a manner that is clear. After they have concluded an agreement for you, you will likely be bound to the conditions and prices they’ve agreed on. 5. Use a car auction site Auction sites like eBay Motors enable you to bidding on cars and try to secure the lowest price, without having to negotiate against the dealer. Listings include everything from classic vintage cars to the latest models. Even though you may have to travel to collect the car, this could be a great option to purchase a car without negotiating. Cars on auction sites are often recycled, salvaged, or repossessed, and dealers may purchase them in lots instead of individually. Some auction sites will allow you to bypass bidding entirely if you decide on an « buy it today » price or a similar price. There are some drawbacks to this: It could be difficult to obtain financing for a car that you’re buying at auction and you’ll likely have to finance your purchase in advance. Keep in mind you’ll probably need to pick up your auction proceeds from the seller, or discuss shipping or delivery. Reasons to skip negotiations What’s the reason you’d pass up the chance to saving some money? The old adage « time is money » is valid. It is possible to have to bargain for hours to get a better price, but only manage to get discounts of just several hundred dollars. The market for used cars is still competitive due to a constant computer chip shortage that is further aggravated by rising raw material costs and conditions in Ukraine. « It’s an extremely challenging time, » says Matt Degen the editor at Kelley Blue Book. « Don’t think you’ll be able to make much room for negotiation right now. More than ever, people are paying sticker price. Don’t anticipate a rush of deals any time soon. » The main point is that the traditional approach to buying a vehicle can come with the anxiety and pressure of dealing with a pushy sales representative However, it doesn’t need to be this way. There are plenty of ways to get rid of all the haggling and get rid of the hurdles between you and the steering wheel. While you might not wish to shop around or bargain for the most affordable sticker price on an automobile, there’s one place where you must examine multiple options and get a loan to help you get the keys. Browse from banks and credit unions to find a competitive financing offer.


Written by a contributing writer

David McMillin is a contributing writer for Bankrate and writes about topics like credit cards, mortgages, banking, taxes and travel. David’s mission is to assist readers discover ways to save money and worry less.

The edit was done by Rhys Subitch Edited by Auto loans editor

Rhys has been editing and writing for Bankrate since late 2021. They are passionate about helping readers gain confidence to control their finances by providing precise, well-researched and well-written information that breaks down otherwise complex topics into manageable bites.

Auto loans editor

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